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Masturbation Cup

The cleaning of the plane cup is very important, many friends just don't pay attention to the cleaning after use will change unnecessary diseases.So below, there is more than this for you to introduce, the aircraft cup cleaning steps:

First step, water: many people of cleaning method is to turn over of cleaning, this method is wrong, reverse cleaning is very easy to damage of the entrance, is the right thing will pull open the entrance a little, turn on the tap, let the flow of water into the reverse mould, until the water overflow from the reverse mould, make water flows automatically the dirt inside out.

Step 2. Apply body wash: apply body wash or soap to clean the inner and outer walls.Rub repeatedly with your hands

The 3rd pace, rub knead inside wall: rub with finger knead inside wall, or use soft wool to brush thrust into clean, feel the sticky feeling that does not have juice to represent had been washed almost

The fourth step, wipe clean: rinse clean, with a dry cloth into the mold to wipe clean, do not wipe with paper towels, otherwise leaving paper scraps easy to breed bacteria.

The 5th pace: spray disinfectant: spray special toy disinfectant to the inside finally, static 1 minute or so, wade into again with dry towel into pour a mold inside clean disinfectant is wiped clean, finished!

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