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All plastic bags

The production method of fully encapsulated adult sex toys includes the following steps: 1.To make two sets of injection moulds composed of three moulds;According to the design requirements of the color and hardness of the product, the liquid soft glue is used for color matching seasoning;The liquid soft glue is poured into a set of injection molds composed of two molds to form half of the product;Fix the skeleton in half of the product;The third mould which can form another injection mould with one of the two moulds is closed on the mould, and the other mould is removed at the same time. The liquid soft glue is poured into the other injection mould to form the other half of the product, and the two halves of the product are combined to form the semi-finished product;Open the mould to take out the semi-finished product and cut off the pouring port of the semi-finished product, polish and smooth, and complete the technological process.

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